Seminar Calendar - Summer 2022

September 29 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Gopal Ramchurn, University of Kentucky (UK)
Title: Trustworthy Human -AI Partnerships

August 16 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Somesh Jha, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Trustworthy Machine Learning and the Security Mindset

July 21 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Tianlong Chen, University of Texas at Austin
Title: How Does an Appropriate Sparsity Benefit Robustness?

July 19 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Huan Zhang, Carnegie Melon University (CMU)
Title: How We Trust a Black Box: Formal Verification of Deep Neural Networks

July 14 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Alejandro Martin-Gomez, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Visual Perception, Mixed Reality, and their Transferability to Medical Scenarios

July 7 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Yaniv David, Columbia University
Title: UPGRADVISOR: Early Adopting Dependency Updates Using Hybrid Program Analysis and Hardware Tracing

June 21 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Marzyeh Ghassemi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Title: Designing Machine Learning Processes for Equitable Health Systems