Seminar Calendar - Spring 2022

May 20 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: David Danks, University of California, San Diego
Title: Tackling the Intractable Problem of Bias

April 26 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: David W. Matula, Southern Methodist University
Title: The Architecture of Algorithms

April 19 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Kush Varshney, IBM Research
Title: A Carative Approach to AI Governance

April 14 - Gerald M. Masson Distinguished Lecture Series
Speaker: Maja Mataric, University of Southern California (USC)
Title: Robots That Care: Socially Assistive Robotics and the Future of Work and Care

Speaker: Yang Song, Stanford University
Title: Learning to Generate Data by Estimating Gradients of the Data Distribution

March 31 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Allison McDonald, University of Michigan
Title: Advancing Digital Safety for High-Risk Communities

March 29 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: YooJung Choi, UCLA
Title: Tractable Probabilistic Reasoning for Trustworthy AI

March 22 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Eric Wong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Title: Building the Reliability Stack for Machine Learning

March 17 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: John Leonard
Title: The Past, Present and Future of SLAM

March 14 - CLSP & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Alane Suhr, Cornell University
Title: Reasoning and Learning in Interactive Natural Language Systems

March 10 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Pardis Emami-Naeini, University of Washington
Title: Empowering People to Have Secure and Private Interactions with Digital Technologies

March 8 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Maitraye Das, Northwestern University
Title: Designing for Accessible Collaborative Content Creation in Ability-Diverse Teams

March 3 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Shengjia Zhao, Stanford University
Title: Uncertainty and information for ML-driven decision making

March 1 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Beidi Chen, Stanford University
Title: Randomized Algorithms for Efficient Machine Learning Systems

February 28 - CLSP & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Ana Marasovic, University of Washington
Title: Self-Explaining for Intuitive Interaction with AI

February 22 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Ziang Xiao, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Title: Seeing us through machines: Designing AI to understand humans

February 22 - Association for Computing Machinery Lecture in Memory of Nathan Krasnopoler
Speaker: Jaime Teevan, Microsoft
Title: The New Future of Work

February 21 - CLSP & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Anjalie Field, Carnegie Melon University
Title: NLP, Ethics, and Society

February 18 - CLSP & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Daniel Khashabi, Allen Institute for AI, Seattle
Title: The Quest Toward Generality in Natural Language Understanding

February 14 - CLSP & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Rowan Zellers, University of Washington
Title: Grounding Language by Seeing, Hearing, and Interacting

February 3 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Cynthia Rudin, Duke University
Title: Interpretable Neural Networks for Computer Vision: Clinical Decisions That Are Computer-Aided, Not Automated

January 31 - CLSP & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Tom McCoy, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Opening the black box of deep learning: Representations, inductive biases, and robustness

January 25 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Craig Jones, Johns Hopkins University
Title: AI in Medical Imaging

January 13 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Phil Thomas, University of Massachusetts
Title: Safe and Fair Machine Learning: A Seldonian Approach