Seminar Calendar - Fall 2021

December 9 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Ari Ne'eman, Harvard University
Title: Disability and Health Equity: Reflections on Causality and Disparities

November 11 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Ehsan Azimi, Johns Hopkins University
Title: The Role of Immersive Computing in Healthcare

October 28 - Gerald M. Masson Distinguished Lecture Series
Speaker: Genevera Allen, Rice University
Title: Graph Learning for Functional Neuronal Connectivity

October 26 - Association for Computing Machinery Lecture in Memory of Nathan Krasnopoler
Speaker: J. Alex Halderman, University of Michigan
Title: Election Security in the Age of Disinformation

October 21 - Gerald M. Masson Distinguished Lecture Series
Speaker: Nadya Bliss, Arizona State University
Title: A Research Agenda for Disinformation: How to Make Progress When Computer Science is Not Enough

October 19 - CANCELLED
Speaker: Xiaofeng Wang
Title: TBD

October 7 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Kexin Pei, Columbia University
Title: Scalable, Accurate, Robust Binary Analysis with Transfer Learning Trace Modeling

October 5 - Gerald M. Masson Distinguished Lecture Series
Speaker: Gregory Abowd, Northeastern University
Title: The Internet of Materials: The next logical step or a paradigm shift?

September 30 - Gerald M. Masson Distinguished Lecture Series
Speaker: Omer Reingold, Stanford University
Title: Good Research Karma: The Unexpected Benefits of Striving for Algorithmic Fairness

September 23 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Krishan Sabnani, Columbia University
Title: My Research Journey: Softrouter, Protocols, and Wireless DDoS

September 16 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Thomas Longstaff, CMU Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
Title: The US National Agenda for Software Engineering Research & Development: Architecting the Systems of the Future

September 7 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Gregory Falco, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Title: The Soft, White Underbelly of our Critical Infrastructure