Seminar Calendar - Spring 2020

April 30
Speaker: Tom Lippincott, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Unsupervised Machine Learning for the Humanities

March 31
Speaker: Adji Bousso Dieng, Columbia University
Title: Deep Probabilistic Graphical Modeling

March 26
Speaker: Aravind Machiry, University of California, Santa Barbara
Title: Securing Modern Systems

March 24
Speaker: Noah Stephens-Davidowitz, Simons Institute
Title: Foundations of Lattice-Based Cryptography

March 12
Speaker: Ravi Karkar, University of Washington
Title: Designing Personal Health Technologies

March 10
Speaker: Rui Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title: Towards Automated Security Validation for Hardware Designs

March 5
Speaker: CS Seminar
Title: Interactive Systems for “Smart Things” with Better Sensing, UI, and Low Energy Consumption.

March 3
Speaker: Yang Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Knowledge Is Power: Sensing The Physical World Around Devices

February 18
Speaker: Emma Pierson, Stanford University
Title: Data Science Methods to Reduce Inequality and Improve Healthcare

February 13
Speaker: Hui Guan, North Carolina State University
Title: Reuse-Centric Programming System Support of Machine Learning

February 11
Speaker: Qian Yang, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Harnessing the Power of People: Human-AI Interaction Design in Healthcare, Language, and Beyond

February 4
Speaker: Maia Jacobs, Harvard University
Title: One Size Doesn’t Fit Anyone: Tailoring Digital Tools for Personal Health Journeys

January 21
Speaker: Mathias Unberath, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Empowering Clinicians with Autonomous Intelligent Systems