Seminar Calendar - Fall 2020

December 15 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Michael Kearns and Aaron Roth, University of Pennsylvania
Title: The Ethical Algorithm

December 8 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Iris Bahar, Brown University
Title: Accurate, Real-time Energy-efficient Scene Perception through Hardware Acceleration

December 1 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Daniela Rus, CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: One Robot for Every Task

November 17 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Homa Alemzadeh, University of Virginia
Title: Context-Aware Safety Monitoring in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems

November 12 - IAA & CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Leilani Gilpin, MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Anomaly Detection through Explanations

November 10 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Mehran Armand, Johns Hopkins University APL, Johns Hopkins University APL
Title: Trends in Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery Research

November 5 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Axel Krieger, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Smart and Autonomous Robots for Surgery

October 29 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Jim Hendler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Tetherless World Chair of Computer, Web and Cognitive Sciences Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Title: Knowing what AI Systems Don’t Know and Why it Matters

October 27 - Krasnopoler Lecture
Speaker: Ed Catmull, Pixar Animation Studios and Pixar Animation and Disney Animation
Title: Q&A

October 20 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Jeremias Sulam, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Overparameterized and Adversarially Robust Sparse Models

October 15 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Carlee Joe-Wong, Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Optimizing the Cost of Distributed Learning

October 13 - Gerald M. Masson Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Distinguished Lecture Series: Nick McKeown, Stanford University
Title: The Network as a Programmable Platform

September 24 - CS Seminar Series
Speaker: Jean Fan, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Computational analysis of cellular and subcellular spatial transcriptional heterogeneity.

September 22 - IAA Speaker
Speaker: Jeannette Wing, Columbia University, Columbia University
Title: Trustworthy AI