Seminar Calendar - Spring 2019

May 21 - Computer Science Student Defense
Speaker: Kuan Cheng, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Pseudorandom Constructions: Computing in Parallel and Applications to Edit Distance

May 2 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Vishal Patel, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Deep Networks for Open Set Visual Recognition

April 29 - Computer Science Student Defense
Speaker: Disa Mhembere, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Scalable Graph Analysis and Clustering on Commodity Hardware

April 25 - Computer Science Student Defense
Speaker: James Browne, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Oblique Sparse Projection Forest Optimization: A Faster Randomer Forest

April 18 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Ke Li, UC Berkeley
Title: Nearest Neighbour Search and Generative Modelling

April 16 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Avrim Blum, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Title: Algorithmic fairness in Online Decision-making

April 4 - Computer Science Student Defense
Speaker: Kunal Lillaney, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Building Hierarchical Storage Services in the Cloud

April 2 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Eva Tardos, Cornell University
Title: Learning and Efficiency of Outcomes in Games

March 28 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Dr. Michael Morris, Internal Medicine at Mercy Medical Center
Title: Caveat Emptor: AI, Big Data, and the future in medical imaging--How interdisciplinary

March 15 - Computer Science Student Defense
Speaker: Zeyu Zhang, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Approximation Algorithms and Hardnesses for Compressing Graphs with Distance Constraints

March 14 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Tal Linzen
Title: How well do neural NLP systems generalize?

March 12 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Karthik Pattabiraman, University of British Columbia
Title: Resilience and Security of Cyber-Physical Systems: Self-Driving Cars > and Smart Devices

March 7 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Ali Kamen, Siemens Healthineers
Title: Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

March 7 - Computer Science Student Defense
Speaker: Pushpendre Rastogi, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Representation Learning for Words and Entities

February 21 - CS Seminar
Speaker: João Sedoc
Title: Building and Evaluating Conversational Agents

February 14 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Stevie N.Chancellor, Georgia Tech
Title: Human-Centered Algorithms for Deviant Mental Health Behaviors Online

February 12 - CS Seminar
Speaker: Elissa Redmiles, University of Maryland
Title: Security for All: Modeling Structural Inequities to Design More Secure Systems