Seminar Calendar - Spring 2018

June 18 - Computer Science Student Defense:
Speaker: Courtney Napoles
Title: Monolingual Sentence Rewriting as Machine Translation: Generation and Evaluation

June 12 - Computer Science Student Defense
Speaker: Xiang Xiang
Title: Image-set, Temporal and Spatiotemporal Representations of Videos for Recognizing, Localizing and Quantifying Actions

May 3
Speaker: Kevin Fu, The University of Michigan
Title: Analog Cybersecurity and Transduction Attacks

May 1
Speaker: Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University
Title: The Recurring Rainfall Problem

April 27 - Student
Speaker: Andong Zhan, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Towards AI-assisted Healthcare: System Design and Deployment for Machine Learning based Clinical Decision Support

April 27 - Student
Speaker: Keisuke Sakaguchi, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Robust Text Correction for Grammar and Fluency

April 26 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Jeff Dean, Google
Title: The Deep Learning Revolution in Building Intelligent Computer Systems

April 19
Speaker: Yisong Yue, Caltech
Title: New Frontiers in Imitation Learning

April 17
Speaker: Ravi Netravali, MIT
Title: Improving Web Applications with Fine-grained Data Flows

April 12 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Human-AI Interaction: Symbiotic Autonomy, Learning, and Transparency in Service Robots

April 11 - Student
Speaker: Stephyn Butcher, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Information Exchange and Conflict Resolution in Particle Swarm Optimization Variants

April 10
Speaker: Muyinatu (Bisi) Bell, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Directing Light and Learning from Sound to Guide Surgeries

March 29
Speaker: Adriana Schulz, MIT CSAIL
Title: Computational Design for the Next Manufacturing Revolution

March 29 - Student
Speaker: Chi LI, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Robust Learning Architectures for Perceiving Object Semantics and Geometry

March 22
Speaker: Xi He, Duke University
Title: Leave No Trace - Personal Data with Provable Privacy Guarantees

March 22 - Student
Speaker: Ayushi Sinha, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Deformable registration using shape statistics with applications in sinus surgery

March 15
Speaker: Brian A Smith, Columbia University
Title: Analyzing Human Behavior to Make Computing More Useful

March 14
Speaker: Serena Yeung, Stanford University
Title: Towards Ambient Intelligence in AI-Assisted Hospitals

March 12 - Student
Speaker: Panchapakesan Shyamshankar, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Domain-Specific Memory Management for Large-Scale Data Analytics

March 8
Speaker: Sebastian Angel, The University of Texas
Title: Privacy despite mass surveillance

March 6
Speaker: Yinzhi Cao, Lehigh University
Title: Testing and repairing machine learning systems in adversarial environment

March 5 - Student
Speaker: Chris Paxton, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Creating Task Plans for Collaborative Robots

March 1
Speaker: Soudeh Ghorbani, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Title: Low-latency Datacenter Networks

February 27
Speaker: Antonio Bianchi, University of California, Santa Barbara
Title: Identifying and Mitigating Trust Violations in the Mobile Ecosystem

February 22
Speaker: David Devecsery, University of Michigan
Title: Efficient Recording and Analysis of Software Systems

February 20
Speaker: Jonathan Mace, Brown University
Title: Observing and Controlling Distributed Systems with Cross-Cutting Tools

February 8 - Student
Speaker: Juri Ganitkevitch, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Large-Scale Paraphrasing for Text-to-Text Generation