Seminar Calendar - Fall 2017

December 5 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Ian Foster, University of Chicago
Title: Computing Just What You Need: Online Data Analysis and Reduction at Extreme Scales

November 30
Speaker: Casey Overby Taylor
Title: Improving the use of data from multiple sources for precision medicine

November 16
Speaker: Haider Ali, JHU Center for Imaging Science
Title: Feature Selection and Fusion for 3D Object Category Recognition

November 9
Speaker: Hava Siegelmann, DARPA
Title: Computation in Nature, Biological Abstraction, and Lifelong Learning Machines

October 31
Speaker: Amitabh Basu, JHU Dept of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Title: Centerpoints: A Link Between Optimization and Convex Geometry

October 12 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Shafi Goldwasser, MIT
Title: “Pseudo Deterministic Algorithms and Proofs”

October 5 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Susan Davidson, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Why Data Citation is a Computational Problem
Presentation: PDF

September 29
Speaker: Jon Weston, Solution Architecture for CACI
Title: 50 Year Career in Computer Science

September 21
Speaker: Alex Smola, Amazon
Title: Title: Sequence Modeling: From Spectral Methods and Bayesian Nonparametrics to Deep Learning

September 18 - Student
Speaker: Haichong (Kai) Zhang, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Enabling Technologies for Co-robotic Translational Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging

September 11 - Student
Speaker: Lin Yang, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Taming Big Data By Streaming