Seminar Calendar - Fall 2016

December 13 - Student
Speaker: Keith Levin, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Graph Inference with Applications to Low-Resource Audio Search and Indexing

December 6 - Student
Speaker: Sureerat Reaungamornrat, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Deformable Image Registration for Surgical Guidance using Intraoperative Cone-Beam CT

December 5 - Student seminar
Speaker: Anand Malpani, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Automated Virtual Coach for Surgical Training

December 1
Speaker: Michael Gleicher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: What Shakespeare Taught Us About Visualization and Data Science

November 17 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Jim Kurose, National Science Foundation
Title: An expanding and expansive view of computing

November 9 - Student
Speaker: Ali Uneri, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Known-Component 3D-2D Registration for Surgical Guidance and Quality Assurance

November 8 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Mark D. Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Computer Architecture 1975-2025

October 4 - Student
Speaker: Neal H. Walfield, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Location Prediction for Context-Aware Applications

October 4
Speaker: Christian Grothoff, Inria Rennes
Title: The GNU Name System

September 22 - Student
Speaker: William Gray Roncal, Johns Hopkins, APL
Title: Enabling Scalable Neurocartography: Images to Graphs for Discovery

September 22
Speaker: Yair Amir
Title: State of the Department

September 9 - Student
Speaker: Samuel Carliles, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Tricks with Random Forest Regression