Seminar Calendar - Fall 2015

December 18 - Student
Speaker: Nick Andrews, Johns Hopkins University
Title: A Generative Model of Named Entities in Text

December 7 - Krasnopoler Lecturer
Speaker: Mike Ambinder, Valve Corporation
Title: Shipping Something: How Valve Makes Products And How You Can Too

December 1
Speaker: Shahar Kovalsky, Weizmann Institute of Science
Title: Shape Matching and Mapping using Semidefinite Programming

November 24
Speaker: Adam Wierman, Caltech
Title: Data centers, Energy, and Online Optimization

November 12
Speaker: Seminar canceled - Roxana Geambasu, Columbia University
Title: Privacy in a Data-Driven World

November 4 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Jonathan Wintrode, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Topic-Enhanced Models for Speech Recognition and Retrieval

October 29
Speaker: Dmitry Berenson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Title: Toward General-Purpose Algorithms for Manipulation of Deformable Objects

October 8
Speaker: Vivek Sarkar, Rice University
Title: Software Challenges for Extreme Scale Systems, or how to play the End-Game for Moore's Law

October 5 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Daniel Obenshain, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Intrusion-Tolerant Networking

October 1 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Svitlana Volkova, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Text-Driven Demographic Prediction in Social Media

September 22
Speaker: Yair Amir
Title: CS State of the Department Address

September 9 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Matt Gormley, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Graphical Models with Structured Factors, Neural Factors, and Approximation-aware Training