Seminar Calendar - Spring 2013

May 9
Speaker: Christoph Koch, EPFL
Title: Automatic Synthesis of Out-of-Core Algorithms

May 8
Speaker: Chong Wang, CMU
Title: Probabilistic Modeling for Large-scale Data Exploration

May 7
Speaker: Barna Saha, AT&T Research
Title: Finding Nemo: The Power of Probabilistic Method

April 25 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Scott Shenker, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Software-Defined Networking: Introduction and Implications

April 19
Speaker: Adam O'Neill, Boston University
Title: Efficiently Searchable Encryption: A Practical Foundation for Privacy in Outsourced Databases

April 18
Speaker: James Taylor, Emory University
Title: Dynamically scalable and visual analysis of high-throughput sequence data

April 16
Speaker: Jimeng Sun, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Title: Who is similar to my patient: Large-scale Patient Similarity Learning for Healthcare Analytics

April 9 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Gary Guthart, Intuitive Surgical Inc.
Title: Technology Innovation in Today's Medical Device Environment: Opportunities and Obstacles

April 4
Speaker: Zhengyou Zhang, Microsoft Research
Title: Human Body-Language Understanding by Computer

March 26
Speaker: Xin Li, University of Washington
Title: Randomness Extraction and its Applications in Cryptography

March 12
Speaker: Moritz Hardt, IBM Research Almaden
Title: When Machines Learn About Humans

March 7
Speaker: Alexis Battle, Stanford University
Title: Unraveling the genetics of disease using informed probabilistic models

March 5
Speaker: Michael Dinitz, Weizmann Institute of Science
Title: Approximating Spanners via Convex Relaxations

February 26
Speaker: Tamir Hazan, University of Chicago
Title: Perturbation, Optimization and Statistics for Effective Machine Learning

February 21
Speaker: Prateek Mittal, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Trustworthy Communications Using Network Science

February 19
Speaker: Daniel Hsu, Microsoft Research
Title: Fast learning algorithms for discovering the hidden structure in data

February 14
Speaker: Manos Antonakakis, Damballa Inc.
Title: Improving Internet Security via Large-Scale DNS Monitoring

February 12
Speaker: Yisong Yue, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Learning with Humans in the Loop

February 7
Speaker: Mastooreh (Negin) Salajegheh, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Title: Trustworthy and low-power computing at the limits of digital abstraction

February 5
Speaker: Raman Arora, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Title: Stochastic approximation algorithms for large-scale unsupervised learning

February 1
Speaker: Jelani Nelson, Harvard University
Title: OSNAP: Faster numerical linear algebra algorithms via sparser subspace embeddings

January 31 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Moshe Vardi, Rice University
Title: A Logical Revolution