Seminar Calendar - Fall 2013

December 9 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Paul Thienphrapa
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December 3
Speaker: Anton Dahbura, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Fault Diagnosis in Multiprocessor Systems (Reprise)

November 25 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Doug Carlson, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Unified Hardware and Software for Environmental Monitoring Sensor Networks

November 21 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Piotr Indyk, MIT
Title: Faster Algorithms for Sparse Fourier Transform

November 20 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Daphne Koller, Stanford University
Title: The Online Revolution: Learning without Limits

November 14
Speaker: Samantha Kleinberg, Stevens Institute of Technology
Title: Causal Inference from Uncertain Time Series Data

November 7
Speaker: John Wilkes, Google
Title: Cluster Management at Google

October 29 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Fred Schneider, Cornell University
Title: Blueprint for a Science of Cyber-security

October 22
Speaker: Ari Juels
Title: The Password That Never Was

October 15
Speaker: Payman Mohassel, University of Calgary
Title: Scaling Secure Computation Using the Cloud

October 10
Speaker: Neeraj Suri, Technische Universität Darmstadt
Title: Consistency in a Cloudy World

October 3
Speaker: Liliana Florea, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Decoding the genes and their alternative splicing variations with splice graphs

October 1
Speaker: Yoshito Otake, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Incorporation of Prior Knowledge using Medical Image Registration

September 24
Speaker: Lillian Lee, Cornell University
Title: Language as Influence: Power and Memorability

September 24
Speaker: Michael Littman, Rutgers University
Title: Efficiently Learning to Behave Efficiently

September 19 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Marcin Balicki, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Augmentation of Human Skill In Microsurgery

September 19
Speaker: Eoghan Casey, Defense Cyber Crime Institute (DC3/DCCI)
Title: Computer-Assisted Reasoning in Digital Forensics