Seminar Calendar - Spring 2012

July 20
Speaker: Ran Gelles, UCLA
Title: Optimal Coding for Streaming Authentication

June 25
Speaker: Gene Tsudik
Title: Secure Minimal Architecture for Remote Attestation of Embedded Devices

April 26
Speaker: Rebecca Schulman, Johns Hopkins University
Title: The Computational Power of Chemical Reaction Networks

April 17
Speaker: Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, University of Washington
Title: Modeling People from Billions of Photos

April 10
Speaker: Roger Pique-Regi, University of Chicago
Title: Understanding the impact of genetic variation on molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation

April 3
Speaker: Hanna Wallach, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Title: Machine Learning for Complex Social Processes

March 30
Speaker: John Langford, Yahoo Research
Title: Machine Learning in the Loop

March 30 - Student Seminar
Speaker: JeongGil Ko, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Designing a Low-Power Mobile Sensing System for Wireless Healthcare Applications

March 29
Speaker: Elaine Shi, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Cloud Data Protection for the Masses

March 27
Speaker: Justin Ma, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Learning to Detect Malcious URLs

March 16 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Omar Zaidan, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Crowdsourcing Annotation for Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing Tasks

March 15
Speaker: Zhichun "ZC" Li, NEC Research Labs
Title: Towards Scalable User-Agnostic Attack Defense

March 13
Speaker: Carl Landwehr, University of Maryland
Title: Cybersecurity: How did we get here and how do we get out of here?

March 6
Speaker: Alan Qi, Purdue University
Title: Scalable Bayesian learning for complex tensor-valued data

March 2
Speaker: Liang Huang, Information Sciences Institute/ University of Southern California
Title: Efficient Search and Learning for Language Understanding and Translation

March 1
Speaker: Ben Langmead, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Computational approaches for the DNA sequencing data deluge

February 28
Speaker: David Wingate, MIT
Title: Probabilistic Programming: Beyond Graphical Models

February 23
Speaker: Vyas Sekar, Intel Labs
Title: Enabling Innovation in Middlebox Deployment

February 21
Speaker: Lihong Li, Yahoo Research
Title: Machine Learning in the Bandit Setting: Algorithms, Evaluation, and Case Studies

February 16 - Don P. Giddens Lecture
Speaker: Yair Amir, Johns Hopkins Univeristy
Title: From Overlays to Clouds: Inventing a New Network Paradigm

February 14
Speaker: Prateek Saxena, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Securing The Next Generation Web Platform

February 9 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Matthias Felleisen, Northeastern University
Title: From Scripts to Programs

February 9 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Nolan Li, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Scalable Database Query Processing

February 7
Speaker: Stephen Checkoway, University of California, San Diego
Title: Motor, Voters, and the Future of Embedded Security

February 2
Speaker: Or Zuk, The Broad Institute
Title: Missing heritability: new statistical and algorithmic approaches

January 31
Speaker: Daniel Hsu, Microsoft Research
Title: Algorithms for learning latent variable models

January 27 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Eric Perlman, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Indexing and Processing Spatial Range Functions in Data-Intensive Scientific Databases

January 21 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Jayant Gupchup, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Data management in environmental monitoring sensor networks