Seminar Calendar - Fall 2011

December 8 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Paul Stanton, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Efficient and Scalable Authentication of Networked Data

December 1
Speaker: Joshua Epstein, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Agent-Based Computational Modeling in Epidemiology and Disaster Preparedness: From Playground to Planet

November 22
Speaker: Shu Takagi, University of Tokyo
Title: Development of Human Body Simulator in Medical Use for the Next-Generation Supercomputer in Japan

November 22 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Omar Zaidan, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Crowdsourcing Annotation for Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing Tasks

November 17
Speaker: Steven Salzberg, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Title: Computational Challenges of Next-Generation Genomics

November 10
Speaker: Philippe Burlina, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Title: Patient-Specific Mitral Valve Surgical Planning using Volumetric Ultrasound

November 3
Speaker: Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Yahoo
Title: No Free Lunch in Data Privacy

November 1
Speaker: Stefano Soatto, UCLA
Title: Perception, Action and the Information Knot that Ties Them

October 25 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Kevin Fu, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Title: Your Abstractions are Worth^H^H^H^H^HPowerless! Non-Volatile Storage and Computation on Embedded Devices* (*Batteries Not Included)

October 20
Speaker: Timothy Chou
Title: Cloud: Seven Clear Business Models

October 13
Speaker: Wyatt Lloyd, Princeton
Title: Don't Settle for Eventual: Scalable Causal Consistency for Wide-Area Storage with COPS

October 4 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Xiaodan Wang, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Supporting Data Analysis in Large Scale Scientific Databases

September 22
Speaker: Sami Haddadin, Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics
Title: Next Generation Robots: From Robotic Co-Workers and Service Assistants to Human-Inspired Robot Design

September 15
Speaker: Tammara Massey, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
Title: Data Driven and Optimization Techniques for Mobile Health Systems

September 6 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Raphael Sznitman, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Twenty Questions with Noisy Answers for Object Detection and Tracking