Seminar Calendar - Spring 2009

April 23
Speaker: Jason Lawrence, University of Virginia
Title: Representations of Material Appearance for Computer Graphics

April 16
Speaker: Douglas Comer, Purdue University
Title: Lessons Learned From The Internet Project

April 9
Speaker: Steven M. LaValle, University of Illinois
Title: Combinatorial Filters: Handling Sensing Uncertainty by Avoiding Big Models

March 24
Speaker: Su-In Lee, Stanford University
Title: Machine learning approaches for understanding the genetic basis of complex traits

March 10
Speaker: Collin Jackson, Stanford University
Title: Securing the Web Platform
Presentation: PDF

March 6 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Scott Coull
Title: Analyzing the Privacy of Anonymized Network Data

March 3
Speaker: Srinath Sridhar, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Algorithms for Analyzing Intraspecific Sequence Variation
Presentation: PDF

February 24
Speaker: David Molnar, University of California at Berkeley
Title: Theory Plus Practice in Computer Security: Radio Frequency Identification and Whitebox Fuzzing
Presentation: PDF

February 17
Speaker: Daniel Sandler, Rice University
Title: VoteBox: a verifiable, tamper-evident electronic voting system
Presentation: PDF

February 3 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Deborah Estrin, UCLA
Title: Mobile Sensing Systems: From ecosystems to human systems
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