Seminar Calendar - Fall 2009

December 4 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Razvan Musaloiu-E, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks for Environment Monitoring

December 3
Speaker: Ruzena Bajcsy, University of California at Berkelely
Title: Tele-Immersion, The Cyber-Infrastructure for Studying Body Language

November 19
Speaker: Ben Taskar, University of Pennsylvania
Title: From Co-Occurrence to Correspondence
Presentation: PDF

November 13 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Jonathan Kirsch, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Intrusion-Tolerant Replication Under Attack

November 12
Speaker: Denis Zorin, New York University
Title: Efficient and accurate algorithms for deforming surfaces

November 11 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Raluca Musaloiu-E, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Practical Wireless Mesh Networks and Their Applications

October 29
Speaker: Yiorgos Makris, Yale University
Title: A Machine-Learning Approach to Analog/RF Circuit Testing
Presentation: PDF

October 14 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Xiaofeng Liu, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Three-Dimensional Muscle Motion Reconstruction Using Tagged MR Images

October 6
Speaker: Dana Kulic, University of Waterloo
Title: Incremental Learning of Motion Primitives for Full Body Motions
Presentation: PDF

September 25 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Elliott Franco Drabek, JHU
Title: Translingual Fine-grained Morphosyntactic Analysis and its Application to Machine Translation

September 22
Speaker: Tim Wark, CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia
Title: Long-term Wireless Sensor Networks: Where to from here?
Presentation: PDF

September 1
Speaker: Amihood Amir, Bar-Ilan University
Title: Asynchronous Pattern Matching