Seminar Calendar - Spring 2008

May 1
Speaker: Petros Drineas, RPI
Title: Randomized Algorithms for Matrix Computations and Applications to Data Mining

April 29
Speaker: Dina Papagiannaki, Intel Research, Pittsburgh
Title: Self-Organization in High Density 802.11 Wireless Access Networks

April 24
Speaker: John L. Griffin, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Storage-based intrusion detection: Watching storage activity for suspicious behavior

April 22 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Jia Cui, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Integrating Linguistic and Statistical Knowledge in Language Modeling

April 17
Speaker: Sriram Pemmaraju, University of Iowa
Title: Geometric Embeddings of Unit Disk Graphs

March 25
Speaker: Peter Anick, Yahoo
Title: Exploiting the Power of Search Engines for Real-Time Concept Association Tasks

March 13
Speaker: Paul Bunn, UCLA
Title: Optimal-Rate Routing in Adversarial Networks

March 4
Speaker: Leslie Lamport, Microsoft
Title: The +CAL Algorithm Language

February 28
Speaker: Christian Schafmeister, Temple University
Title: Towards a Molecular Compiler: Developing Complex Molecules that Assemble Complex Molecules

February 21
Speaker: Bruce Weide, Ohio State University
Title: Progress on the Verified Software Grand Challenge

February 7
Speaker: Ming Li, University of Waterloo
Title: Modern Homology Search

January 31
Speaker: Sofya Raskhodnikova, Penn State University
Title: Approximating String Compressibility and the Distribution Support Size

January 8 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Budirijanto Purnomo, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Processing 3D Geometry for Modern Graphics Hardware