Seminar Calendar - Fall 2008

December 4 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Michael Stonebraker, MIT
Title: One Size Fits All: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone
Presentation: PDF

December 2
Speaker: Allen Yang, UC Berkeley
Title: High-Dimensional Multi-Model Estimation -- Its Algebra, Statistics, and Sparse Representation
Presentation: PDF

November 20
Speaker: Ching Suen, Concordia University
Title: Modern Pattern Recognition Techniques and Their Roles in Security Checks and Commercial Applications
Presentation: PDF

November 18
Speaker: Walid Najjar, UC Riverside
Title: Opportunities and Challenge of the Spatial Computing Paradigm - The Programmability Issue
Presentation: PDF

November 13 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Brian Kernighan, Princeton
Title: The Changing Face of Programming
Presentation: PDF

November 6
Speaker: Ofri Sadowsky, JHU
Title: Image Registration and Hybrid Volume Reconstruction of Bone Anatomy Using a Statistical Shape Atlas

November 4
Speaker: Francesco Bullo, UC Santa Barbara
Title: Coordination of Robotic Networks
Presentation: PDF

October 30
Speaker: Liuba Shrira, Brandeis University
Title: Split Snapshots: A New Approach to Old State Storage

October 28
Speaker: Kirk McKusick, FreeBSD Project
Title: Building and Running An Open-Source Community: The FreeBSD Project
Presentation: PDF

October 23
Speaker: Erion Plaku, JHU
Title: Motion Planning with Dynamics, Physics-based Simulations, and Linear Temporal Objectives
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October 9 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Roy Tromble, JHU
Title: Search and Learning for the Linear Ordering Problem with an Application to Machine Translation

October 8 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Matthew Green, JHU
Title: Cryptographic Techniques for Oblivious Database Access

October 6 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Jon Kleinberg, Cornell
Title: Computational Perspectives on Large-Scale Social Network Data

October 2
Speaker: Yi Ma, University of Illinois UC
Title: Dense Error Correction via L1 Minimization

September 25
Speaker: Andrew Odlysko, University of Minnesota
Title: Internet evolution and misleading networking myths
Presentation: PDF

September 23 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Peter Schroder, CalTech
Title: Discrete Conformal Equivalence of Triangle Meshes

September 18 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Gordon Bell, Microsoft
Title: Realizing Memex… Digital Capture, Storage, and Utilization of All Personal Information