Seminar Calendar - Spring 2007

April 19
Speaker: Richard Stallman
Title: Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks

March 29
Speaker: Cong Yu, University of Michigan
Title: Taming Complex Databases through Schema Summaries

March 8
Speaker: Tom Hayes, TTI Chicago
Title: Online Decision-Making and Collaborative Filtering

March 5
Speaker: Alan Qi, MIT
Title: Bayesian Learning for Deciphering Gene Regulation

March 2 - Student Seminar
Speaker: Kristof Niski, JHU
Title: Tile Based Multi-Grained Level of Detail for the Parallel Age

March 1
Speaker: Aranyak Mehta, IBM Almaden Research Center
Title: Online Algorithms for New Markets (...and a glimpse into the field of Internet Economics)

February 26
Speaker: Jason Hartline, Microsoft
Title: Economics, Algorithms, and the Internet

February 22
Speaker: Yufeng Wu, University of California, Davis
Title: Algorithms for Inferring Recombination and Association Mapping in Populations

February 15
Speaker: Christina Leslie, Columbia University
Title: Learning predictive models of gene regulation

February 12
Speaker: Eran Halperin, ICSI
Title: Disease association studies - algorithms and applications

February 8
Speaker: Nicole Immorlica, Microsoft
Title: Algorithmic Game Theory with Applications to Online Auctions