Seminar Calendar - Spring 2006

June 8
Speaker: Kishore Kothapalli, JHU
Title: Distributed Coloring in Sub-logarithmic Bit Rounds

May 16
Speaker: Amir Epstein, Tel Aviv University
Title: A Quasi-PTAS for Unsplittable Flow on Line Graphs

May 12
Speaker: Jonathan Allen, University of Maryland
Title: Predicting gene structure in eukaryotic genomes

April 27
Speaker: Joseph Hennessey, JHU
Title: Distributed Multithreaded Volume Rendering Utilizing Dynamic Scheduling

April 21
Speaker: Rohit Khandekar, University of Waterloo
Title: Graph Partitioning using Single Commodity Flows

April 20
Speaker: Richard Radke, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Title: Calibrating Distributed Camera Networks

April 14
Speaker: Ryan Eustice
Title: Visually Mapping the RMS Titanic with SLAM Information Filters

April 6
Speaker: Jeremy Kubica
Title: Variable Tree Algorithms and the Efficient Discovery of Spatial Associations and Structure

March 31
Speaker: Rui Zhang-Shen
Title: Designing a Predictable Backbone Network

March 30
Speaker: Thomas Hayes
Title: How many colors are needed to randomly color a graph? A Markov chain approach.

March 29
Speaker: Adam Meyerson
Title: Randomized Online Matching

March 27
Speaker: Charles Schafer
Title: Translation Discovery Using Diverse Similarity Measures

March 17
Speaker: Susan Hohenberger
Title: How to Securely Outsource Computations

March 16
Speaker: Mohammad Mahdian
Title: Theoretical challenges in the design of advertisement auctions

March 14
Speaker: Noah Smith
Title: Inducing Weighted Grammars from Natural Language Text

March 13
Speaker: Gideon Mann
Title: Multi-document Statistical Fact Extraction and Fusion

March 9
Speaker: Nir Ailon
Title: New Algorithms for High-Dimensional, Inconsistent Datasets

March 3
Speaker: Adam Tauman Kalai
Title: Repeated Decision Making and Online Optimization

March 2
Speaker: Yael Tauman Kalai
Title: Limits of Obfuscation

February 24
Speaker: Tadayoshi Kohno
Title: SSH Proofs, TCP Leaks, and Not-so-AccuVotes: Computer Security from Proofs to People

February 23 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Jim Gray, Microsoft Research
Title: eScience -- The Next Decade Will Be Exciting

February 23
Speaker: Colin Dewey
Title: Whole-genome alignments and polytopes for comparative genomics

February 20
Speaker: Chuck Wu
Title: Efficient, Scalable Load Management For Heterogeneous Resource Clusters

February 17
Speaker: Scott Schaefer
Title: Intuitive Methods for 3D Shape Deformation

February 9
Speaker: Aleksandrs Slivkins
Title: Triangulation and Embedding Using Small Sets of Beacons