Seminar Calendar - Fall 2006

December 14
Speaker: Yi-Bing Lin, National Chiao Tung University
Title: Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks

December 7
Speaker: Rachel Karchin, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Making sense of point mutants that impact protein function: computational biology and personalized medicine

December 1 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Ramesh Govindan
Title: On the Evolution of Geographic Routing Protocols

November 17 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Farnam Jahanian
Title: A Perspective-Aware Approach to Internet Security in the Botnet Era

November 10 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Mike Goodrich
Title: Efficiency and Security Issues for Distributed Data Structures

November 3
Speaker: Hanan Samet, University of Maryland
Title: Sorting in Space

November 2 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Hugues Hoppe, Microsoft Research
Title: Efficient storage of sparse spatial data using perfect hashing

September 22
Speaker: Mihai Pop, College Park
Title: Genome assembly after the human genome

September 21
Speaker: Zachary Peterson, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Towards Regulatory Compliant Storage Systems