Seminar Calendar - Spring 2004

March 29
Speaker: Breno De Medeiros
Title: Group Signatures Mean Privacy

March 26
Speaker: Michael Kazhdan
Title: Searching for 3D Models

March 25
Speaker: Amin Saberi, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: Algorithmic Game Theory and Internet Computing

March 23
Speaker: Haiyun Luo
Title: Unified Cellular and Ad-Hoc Network: Architecture and Protocols

March 12
Speaker: Chris Riley
Title: Supervised Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks

March 11
Speaker: Patrick McDaniel, AT&T Labs
Title: Origin Authentication in Interdomain Routing

March 9
Speaker: Chandra Chekuri
Title: The All-or-Nothing Multicommodity Flow and Related Problems

March 8
Speaker: Benjamin Liblit
Title: Cooperative Bug Isolation

March 5
Speaker: Julia Chuzhoy
Title: The Hardness of Metric Labeling

March 4
Speaker: Sean Smith, Dartmouth College
Title: Enabling Effective Trust Judgments

March 3
Speaker: Konal Talwar
Title: Approximating metrics by simpler metrics: Why and how?

March 1
Speaker: Christopher Geyer
Title: New Tools for Camera Networks through a Unification of Multiple View Geometry and Harmonic Analysis

February 26
Speaker: Daniel Massey
Title: Building a Secure and Resilient Network Infrastructure

February 20
Speaker: Volkan Isler
Title: Pursuit-Evasion With Visibility

February 13
Speaker: Lili Qiu
Title: On Selfish Routing in Internet-like Environments

February 5
Speaker: Alexandra Boldyreva, University of California, San Diego
Title: Public-Key Encryption in a Multi-User Setting: Privacy, Anonymity and Efficiency.