Seminar Calendar - Fall 2004

December 2
Speaker: Trevor Darrell
Title: Vision for mutltimodal conversational interfaces and perceptive devices

November 19 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research
Title: Cognitive Models in Computing: Results and Directions

November 18 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: Jennifer Rexford
Title: Stable Internet Routing Without Global Coordination

November 12
Speaker: Aravind Srinivasan
Title: Massive Social Networks and Epidemiology

October 29
Speaker: Ciprian Tutu
Title: Distributed Algorithms for Consistent Replicated State

October 21 - Distinguished Lecturer
Speaker: David Chaum
Title: Secret-Ballot Receipts: True Voter-Verifiable Elections

October 15
Speaker: Mark Miller
Title: The Structure of Authority: Why security is not a separable concern

October 14
Speaker: Hava Siegelmann
Title: A self-constructing and self-repairing behaving multicellular organism

October 7
Speaker: Bill Cheswick
Title: My Dad's computer, Microsoft, and the future of Internet security.

September 24
Speaker: Claudiu Danilov
Title: Performance and Functionality in Overlay Networks